Resources for HEPs

Resources for Non Self-Accrediting Higher Education Providers

In response to requests from our higher education clients over many years, Higher Education Leadership Institute (HELI) has developed a suite of documentation that can be utilised by non self-accrediting higher education providers as an alternative to building their own documentation from scratch.

Quality Assurance Framework

The HELI Quality Assurance Framework is a comprehensive suite of higher education specific policies and procedures provided as templates in Microsoft Word® format ready to be customised to the specific requirements of each institution.

Governance Framework

The HELI Governance Framework consists of a Governance Charter that documents the governance framework for a typical non-university higher education provider. Also included are letters of invitation to join the corporate and academic governing bodies, as well as inaugural agendas.

Planning Framework

The HELI Planning Framework consists of templates for a number of key planning documents suitable for a non-university higher education provider including a Strategic Plan, Marketing Plan, Financial Plan, Risk Management Plan, Workforce Plan and Teaching & Learning Plan.

If you would like more information about HELI’s higher education advisory services or resources please contact us.