Higher Education Advisory Services

Accreditation, Governance, Quality Assurance

The essential components for any institution wishing to deliver quality higher education outcomes are accreditation (gaining and maintaining regulatory approval), good governance (both academic and corporate) and a quality assurance framework within which the institution commits to operate.

The Higher Education Leadership Institute (HELI) provides bespoke advisory services to institutions involved in the provision of higher education, both in Australia and internationally.

As an approved higher education provider in our own right, we have a unique insight into what makes a successful HEP, both in regards to initial approval and ongoing regulatory health.


The Key Pillars of Quality Higher Education Delivery

Any educational institution that seeks approval to deliver higher education courses must meet the requirements set down by the relevant legislation governing the registration of higher education providers and accreditation of their courses.

To assess if your institution is ready to enter the higher education sector you must address six key pillars of quality higher education delivery:


Does your institution have in place systems for good corporate, academic, operational, administrative and financial governance?

Faculty & Scholarship

Does your institution have access to teaching staff with the necessary qualifications who can deliver the desired academic outcomes and are active in scholarship?

Facilities & Resources

Do you have the appropriate infrastructure (both physical and virtual) to deliver quality academic outcomes?


Does your proposed course address a coherent body of knowledge? Is the curriculum of a standard consistent with similar courses delivered by other higher education providers? Does the course align with applicable regulatory and professional accreditation frameworks?

Quality Assurance Framework

Have you developed a quality assurance framework to guide, monitor and measure your institution's activities, both operational and academic?


Do you understand the process to achieve regulatory approval?

Want to know more? Talk to us about your plans to achieve higher education status – we can help you achieve your goals.